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Funeral Plans: Services


Professional Support in a difficult time

Its not easy dealing with your grief over a loved one at the same time as starting the administrative duties of an executor.


Let our specialist lawyers at Maplebrook Wills your local Legacy Planners help you apply for the Grant of Probate and deal with the legal, tax, property and estate administration tasks that lie ahead ?

Probate may sound like a complex series of tasks to the uninitiated. In simple terms probate is the process of sorting out someone's estate; managing distribution of their property, money, possessions after they died, as per their will. This may be on behalf of a family member, a close friend, or someone you have cared for in old age or illness.


Probate is carried out by the executor; any named individual over the age of 18. If you are the executor of a will, it will be your responsibility for carrying out probate. This entails gathering the departed's assets, paying off their bills and distributing the assets according to their wishes. You can either take this on yourself or instruct a professional company like Maplebrook Wills South Wales, who have a friendly and supporting team to act on your behalf.

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