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Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans: Services

Download Maplebrook Funeral Plan Brochure Here

Funeral Plans from your local Legacy Planner

Take away the burden and stress from your family

Death can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about, but at Maplebrook we want to make the conversation easier. Preparing for what will happen after your death can actually bring a lot of peace and take the pressure off you. Knowing that your funeral is planned and paid for helps you to beat future price rises and also lets you know that your family won't have to pay for the service you want.

The average cost of a basic funeral is now at £4,184, which is the highest it's ever been. This is up from £4,115 in 2019. It is projected that the average cost of a basic funeral could reach £5,044 in five years time. You can protect loved ones from future price increases with a pre-paid Funeral Plan.

 Paying for your funeral in small instalments while you are still around can help take away the worry of any financial burdens your loved one's may have to experience when you are gone. Funeral plans also give you the opportunity to document your wishes and have them passed on in the event of your death.

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