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The Future can be written

At Maplebrook Wills South Wales we have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations and offer a variety of legacy services customized to fit your specific needs. Learn more about what we offer below.

We operate throughout South Wales including Aberdare, Aberystwyth, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Ebbw Vale, Fishguard, Llanelli, Neath, Newport, Narbeth, Pembroke, Penarth, Pontypool, Pontypridd, Port Talbot, and Swansea

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Make sure your money goes to the people who deserve it the most

A will is the best way to take care of the ones you love after you die. It’s a way of ensuring that people other than your blood relations can benefit from your estate. That could be your partner if you’re not married to the person you share your life with, and stepchildren as well as children.


At Maplebrook Wills South Wales, we believe in the personal touch. We’ll visit you in person to discuss your circumstances and help you choose the products that are right for you at a price you can afford. We charge a fraction of the cost of a typical high street solicitor and, rest assured, the wills we write are legally binding.


Why Use Us ?

7 Days a week

We are available 7 Days a week to serve you. No more booking 9-5 appointments in High St Solicitors Offices

Clear Pricing

We won't offer you a cheap, low cost,  one size fits all Will.

We believe you get what you pay for but we will give you a fully transparent pricing before you make any commitment


Our professionally trained team are experts in their field and can explain complex legal terms in understandable layman's language

No Hard Selling

There's no Double-Glazing strong-arm sales tactics here !

We will listen to what you need and offer you solutions utilately it is always your choice 

Fully Insured

All our documents are validated by a strict compliance procedure and as such are covered by £ 5m Insurance backed indemnity


We guarantee that your documents will be 100% legally validated

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What our Clients think


Tammy G Swansea

I’m pleased to share that Tim was very relational and considered all options while working with ourselves. Time was of no concern. He was transparent and supportive. All details were considered and explained. Further, Tim explained that following our interactions, we are free to contact him further if needed. I would recommend Maplebrook to others. In fact, I have already.

Joan J Swansea

Tim was extremely smart, helpful and thorough. He explained things well and listened to our ideas and needs. He was also always very prompt for appointments and responded quickly to e-mails.

Peter B Cardiff

I felt the whole experience was made easier for me as Tim was very reassuring and explained the answers to my questions in layman’s terms. I was kept in touch all of the way through the process which made it easier for myself.

Roger B Whitland

Completely satisfied. I went with a cheap  Will Writing company before Tim at Maplebrook the difference is amazing !

John J Swansea

5 star service. Information given was detailed but explained very clearly with plenty of opportunities for questions. Also good examples given to emphasis a particular point. Whole experience was conducted in a relaxed & friendly manner

Aled W Penarth

We received a fantastic service from Tim and the Maplebrook team. We were pretty clueless about doing our Will and Tim took us through everything and offered us several options. Following the face-to-face meeting we were left with the information for a couple of weeks to make our decisions and work out what was best for us. We then let Tim know what we wanted and within a few days received a Draft Copy. We checked this over, requested a few small minor changes and then once we were happy Tim came back to visit us to get everything Signed. That was pretty much it from our side. Everything else was taken care of by Tim and the Maplebrook team. From our side it was a very easy and stress free process, and all for a one off competitive price. We have and will continue to recommend Tim to friends and family.


Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Information

Home: FAQ
  • So What is a Will ?
    A will is a legal document that ensures that your stuff goes where you want it to when you die. Having a will means your entire life’s efforts and hard-earned savings first and foremost benefit the people you love, rather than anyone else.
  • Can you visit me at home or do I have to come into your office ?
    Yes, we come to you. We’ll call at a time that suits you, whether that’s during the day, in the evening or weekends. We believe in meeting people face to face, and our customers prefer it too. It avoids you having to sit in a stuffy office under fluorescent lights, drinking machine-brewed coffee from a paper cup!
  • If I don't have a Will, would my husband/wife inherit everything ?"
    It’s not true that your spouse would inherit everything if you don’t have a will. Your spouse or civil partner would inherit the first £270,000. If your estate is worth more than £270,000, the excess amount is split 50/50 – your spouse would get half of the excess and the other half would go to your children. Each child would inherit an equal share, which may not be what you want.
  • Do I need a will if I’m in a civil partnership ?
    Civil partners are treated the same as married couples as far as inheritance is concerned. Your civil partner would inherit the first £270,000 of your estate, with any excess being split 50/50 between the civil partner on the one hand and children if you don’t have a will.
  • How long do I need to allow for ?
    Our first home visit takes around an hour, during which we’ll gather all the relevant information and discuss your particular circumstances. We then go away and draw up the documents, returning no more than two weeks later for you to sign them in the presence of witnesses. In total, the whole process should take no more than two hours of your time.
  • Do I need to show you any documents ?
    For a basic will, we don’t actually need to see anything. However, proof of identification like a passport, driving licence or birth certificate is helpful.
  • What are the questions I should discuss with you when thinking about my Will ?
    What will my funeral arrangements be? Who will get my property and assets? What happens to my debts? Who will look after my non-adult children? What will happen to my pets? What will happen to my business? Will Inheritance Tax be payable? Can I reduce my beneficiaries’ exposure? Do I want to give anything to charity? Are there any benefits in doing so?
  • Who and when should set up a Lasting Power of Attorney ( LPA ) ?
    To quote AGE UK "There's no specific age when you should consider making a Power of Attorney. Young people can lose capacity through accidents. But if someone is diagnosed with a condition likely to cause loss of capacity, they may be well advised to think about who they want to make decisions for them when they can no longer do so."
  • I'm worried I could lose my home if I go into care ... Can you help me ?
    Yes we can. You won’t be entitled to financial assistance from your local council to pay for care fees if your estate is worth more than £23,250. The the weekly cost of live-in nursing in South Wales averages between £800 to £1,050 per week, that's between £3,200 to well over £4,000 or nearly £50,000 a year ! So your assets can be very quickly depleted. But don't disspair, we can discuss legitimate strategies to protect your home from being assessed and used for care fees.

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